Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The journey begins

This is a brand new venture in almost every sense of the word, but I see it more as an adventure. I hope to inspire people as well as be inspired by others.
This has been an exciting journey so far, and I hope it gets more and more exciting with each step taken...beginning with baby steps.
This has been something I've wanted to get going for a while, but took the giant leap only a few weeks ago. I "employed" the talents of some talented artists to provide a variety of images, hopefully to appeal to many people.
Here's to a new adventure where I hope to make many new friends.


  1. Best of luck on our new AD-venture, Mel, I am on for the ride with you ... here we go ..........

  2. Yes you are Jen, more than you know... that pencil has been burning in your hands... wondering how many fires you started getting those images to me... :)

  3. Very sweet card. Good luck with the new venture.

  4. Lovely card, Margaret, I love all the bling!

  5. Congratulations! It is wonderful to have our first South African Digi online store!!