Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Challenge 11 - Scrap Lift It

This week's challenge is something a little different...

But before we get to that, you have noticed no winners have been announced for the last few challenges... Not sure what went wrong there - I seem to have lost one of the posts, and the other one... well I'll be totally honest and say, "I forgot" :/ (sorry)...
I will announce all winners in one post (and "back-date" it so it will be below this post).

Now onto this week's challenge.
Our design team have each made their own card, or scraplifted an idea / layout...
What is scraplifting? In just a few words, it's the copying of another's project - layout, colour scheme, idea etc... but in these days it is only courteous to acknowledge somebody's efforts when "lifting" their card, project, or layout.

What you need to do for this challenge is scraplift one of the DT's cards and credit them.

Here's the DT's work... Hmmmm.... which to choose to "lift"... we'll leave that up to you :)


... and Linda

Now it's your turn. Please enter your blog post below.


  1. Oh am i the 1st..Lovely idea...x
    Thanx Jan whos card i scrap lifted...

  2. Hi enjoyed doing last scraplift card, thought i would do another...Ive scraplifted using Kellys Card...Thanx Kelly

  3. Caz thank you for choosing my card xx

  4. Thanks for the opportunity. I've scraplifted Gemmas card.